Thursday 21 November 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful week 47, year 3 #R2BC

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Whilst Michelle is taking some time away from Reasons to be Cheerful she had kindly let me host the linky for the month of November. It was lovely last week having so many people joining in and sharing what was making them happy. So here are my reasons this week:

1) Proud Mummy

My daughter helped serve afternoon tea at a fundraising bridge tournament in memory of her great grandmother. We helped to raise nearly £500 for Kendal Mountain rescue which is brilliant. My daughter was complimented by plenty of the participants which made me proud. The next day she went to help her injured granny by doing housework and assisting with cooking tea. She has offered to go back again next weekend whilst I entertain her brother and his friends! Meanwhile my son was doing his bit for Cancer Care with the Santa Dash so I am very proud of him too. 

Kendal Santa Dash 2013

2) Operation Tween Bedroom

Between us my dad and I got the replacement second hand high sleeper from their garage to our house and its finally all up today:

high sleeper

I am a bit worried that there isn't much room for her to grow as the bed is higher than I thought!

lack of headroom on high sleeper

She however is very happy that there is plenty of room for her Lego friends (hope she leaves some room for homework!)

Lego Friends

3) Running training

Despite panicking about lack of time to get up to 10 km in time for the 14th December I've made some huge improvements by following a proper programme. On Thursday I ran my fastest ever 5 km in 32 minutes which isn't mega fast but I am very happy with it. On Friday my combined walking and running programme got me just over 10 km in 80 minutes which pleased me greatly. Today I ran non-stop for 25 minutes which is the best I've done since July! Overall I've run and walked over 42 km this week which is a vast improvement. Just need to stay fit and get my stamina built up over the next few weeks...

Please join in and tell us what is making you cheerful this week:


  1. I love that bed! She looks well chuffed. :D

    Lovely reasons. Thank you for hosting. x


  2. I'm sure Lego is more important than homework, isn't it?! She sounds like a very mature girl, you're right to be proud of her, and your son as well.

  3. Your daughters room makeover looks fantastic! x


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