Wednesday 30 March 2011

#TheGallery: Hair

I guess Tara was hoping for all our embarrassing 1980s perms and other period hair disasters for this weeks theme. Unfortunately I haven't got any of those yet scanned in so you'll have to make do with a cute picture of my kids from 18 months ago. This shows the contrast between my daughter's brunette locks and son's blondness:

The next one shows my daughter with her half siblings and hopefully you can see that in order from left to right they are auburn, brunette, brunette and classic red head:

What a fab range of hair colours between the 5 of them! 

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  1. fabulous colours. Love the top picture - just great.

  2. What a contrast, my 2 boys are the same apart from my darker hair child has blue eyes and the blondie, Brown eyes!


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