Monday 14 March 2011

Having Fun Raising Money for Charity

tI've been quite a busy bee this weekend and helped raise money at two different charity events both of which were great fun. It's always much better to not only feel good about helping others but making yourself feel good at the same time.

The first event was the Kendal Oxfam "bit of a do" ceilidh on Saturday night to which I took my daughter. Around 12,000 people across the country took part in various fundraisers to raise money to help women:

About the Do

Can’t. Shouldn’t. Mustn’t. Incapable. Incompetent. Unable. Hopeless.
Too often the world tells women don’t.
We want to celebrate women who do.

Women who are achieving incredible things, against all odds.

At the ceilidh a range of people from 6 years to over 60 had a really good time Stripping the Willow and doing a few reels. Some of the teenagers had baked yummy pink cakes in honour of the occasion which were very popular.

Then on Sunday I joined about 100 other women in Ulverston for a Fabulous, Fit and Fun Fundraising Aerobathon in aid of Rosemere Cancer Foundation and the North West Air Ambulance. This was organised by my Rosemary Conley instructor Caytie and involved a total of 2.5 hours of exercises. We completed an aerobics class, a belly dancing session, one of kick boxing and rounded off with a salsa class.

We all had a good laugh, got very hot and sweaty and raised lots of money for the 2 charities. If anyone wants to add to what we raised then please pop along to NW Air Ambulance or Rosemere Cancer Foundation Just Giving pages that have been set-up for the event.

With Comic Relief coming up on Friday its the perfect time to mix fun and charity altogether so go on have a laugh and raise some dosh.

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