Monday 19 November 2018

Kendal Mountain Festival 2018

We have just had the 2018 Kendal Mountain Festival from Thursday to Sunday. My son went to the opening ceremony on the Thursday night and I had to collect him from Basecamp at the Brewery:

Then on Friday he had a school visit to the Leisure Centre for talks and films. In the evening we went to see a talk on film making from Salt Street Productions who had inspired me last year:

The talk included a demo with Eric Moor:

On Saturday morning I headed into town to film the 10 km Trail race. I captured the first ascent on Beast Banks and then filmed the return into Kendal from the old Tram Way and through the old town:

After fetching my son from his Family Friendly adventure film session we headed back to Basecamp for some of the hands on fun. This included a giant snow globe:

Yes I wasn't going to let my son have all the fun!

There were also other fun activities such as catching balls in a wind tunnel and stacking Swiss cows:

The tents were so crowded we couldn't get near the speakers even though they included one of my son's old primary school teachers Dan Duxbury talking about his record breaking Frog Graham round:

As my son was racing elsewhere on the Sunday we weren't able to get to the festival for the final day. We are looking forward to 2019 and maybe this time I will have got round to making my own film for the competition...

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