Tuesday 2 October 2018

#TeacherTuesday This week's makes

I am trying to be more organised on what I post when so Tuesday's I will try to post something related to my teaching! Actually this week I am acting as a Teaching Assistant which has given me much more of a chance to get creative. There are have been two strands to my makes as the class are studying The Iron Man story and World War Two. 

The Iron Man

It is amazing what you can make with cereal packets, milk bottle tops and some paint & glue. This is the dragon from the story ready to eat up the people of Earth and all the living things:

I was given a top tip of adding PVA glue to the paint to help it cover the cereal boxes better (the waxy coating on the cardboard repels the paint!).

World War Two

First of all I made use of Twinkl to download some paper aeroplanes to decorate the room:

Then we have been coming up with ways to make air raid shelters. This is my test run for an Anderson Shelter:

There will be a fuller post on the Anderson Shelter next week when I have created the final version. I've also had a go at making a Morrison Shelter (I so need a hot glue gun at home!):


  1. We had The Iron Man read to us in Junior school. I remember the hands going round collecting the pieces - did he fall off the cliff at the beginning. I cannot remember anything else about the story. LOL. I should read it again.


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