Friday 19 October 2018

#FitnessFriday with the FourFit Health Band #ad #review

I was sent a FourFit Health Band to test out. All opinions in this review are my own:

FourFit Health Bans Heart Rate and Blood Pressure monitor

I have got a couple of running watches but neither of them could monitor my heart rate and blood pressure. The instructions with the Band are pretty basic but I used the FAQ online to work out how to turn it on (you hold the button on the front down!).

The band links up to your smart phone with the Wear Fit app. So not only can you monitor various health related measures (heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, fatigue, sleep and steps) but also have ongoing tracking and analysis:

I have to say that at times I have been freaked out by readings of high blood pressure! As I didn't check against a more traditional measurement device I don't know whether they are accurate are not... Good to be aware of the possibility that mine us too high though.
I am not sure that the communication between band and phone was always working as I did get missing bits of data. It was also more generous than my sports watch for my step count:

It is good to be able to see how things are changing over a week or a month:

The band also has the ability to track a run using GPS. I only used this feature a few times. You have to click to start the run within the phone app then it counts down to actually go. There were opportunities to pause a run and to save it. The run is then able to be viewed as a map and with a duration, distance and calorie burn. It also keeps a cumulative total and number of runs:

Being used to a sports watch this was slightly more fiddly than that but it seemed accurate enough.

I had a couple of technical problems with the watch but was given advice via both Instagram and e-mail. My watch inverted its screen:

This needed the band to be restarted to fix (as I couldn't read the menu back to front I had to wait for the battery to go flat!). Then it did an impression of a fruit machine with a constantly scrolling display - again I had to wait for the batter to run out to fix this. Since then I have had no trouble with it.

For a budget health band at £49.99 it does a basic job. Its unobtrusive and unlike my watch doesn't get in the way when doing things like typing! 

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