Wednesday 9 May 2018

Sizergh Castle 321 Trail Route

Last week I met up with some other local ladies to run the Run England 5 km route from Sizergh Castle. Its one I have done before but not for quite some time. The route starts at the end of the car park close to the bird hides:

It then heads off across the fields with a gentle slope to warm you up:

One of the nicest parts of the run is the path through the wood which at the moment smells of wild garlic and the bluebells are coming out:

The worst bit of the run comes after the farm when you have the concrete road which seems to go on forever (its actually only a few 100 metres!). We all used this as an excuse to walk for a bit:

The route then swings round towards the church and you are given views all the way across the valley:

We took a diagonal across the field but it might be that going further on the road and then a straight descent is the official route. Whichever way you come to a kissing gate into the woods at the bottom:

A run through the woods brings you back to the pasture and then a climb back to the road. Then its a lovely descent through the pasture on the other side:

It was a relatively flat track for the last kilometre back towards the castle:

This brings you out at the point you started:

We then did a lap of the car park as our watches said we hadn't quite gone 5 k! I will be back again as I was no where near my best on this route and it is a lovely one to do. Here is a little video about it which shows the route better:

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