Tuesday 6 March 2018

Kendal Winter League Cunswick Fell Race

After all the snow and chaos it was a relief that the latest fell race went ahead at Cunswick just outside Kendal. My son and I arrived in plenty of time to walk the course:

The run has some interesting obstacles with a squeeze stile:

And a very icy stone stile:

The under 13 route was the only one that went up on the public footpaths across Kendal Golf Club:

There was an interesting section through the trees:

Then a descent back down to the start/finish line:

My son was set with my chest cam and I headed back up to the top of the golf course to film his race. His footage is at the end of the video:

Then I had to run down the hill, cross over the bridge and just in time capture the under 15s heading up the hill to the cairn. I had time to cross over the wall to get them coming back:

For the under 17 race I made it up to just below the cairn which had stunning views across to the hills:

Their race was a bit longer as they had to run around the far side of the hill before turning at the cairn and descending:

Finally it was the turn of the under 21s and they had a long run out around the Scar. Not only was the course record broken by Tom Addison but 4th place went to a 16 year old runner called Ben Forrest:

Here is the race on video (including some soft focus forced by sleet!):

Roll on Cautley Spout on the 18th for more exciting running!

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