Friday 16 October 2015

Fitness Friday breaking records

I am really enjoying my October run streak and getting out every day exploring the choices of runs my new home offers. If I want a challenge I can head up hill and around the back of the Helm. The lane along the back is very peaceful and this week I hardly met a soul as I went along:

There is a heck of climb at the end of the lane but you make up for it on the run back down to the bottom! It was this hill that gave me the PBs I wrote about yesterday. On my birthday I tried some new paths and explored the other bank of the river Kent:

Now I have a Camelbak to carry water I am looking forward to exploring further out into the countryside. Its not all about the long runs though as sometimes I only have time for a quickie like last night when I had 15 minutes so shot out the door and did my mile. The time pressure must have given me wings:

Today I decided to combine a trip to Aldi to spend birthday money on running kit, a test of the Camelbak and a long run. I took the hilly route to get there to make sure I built in the fitness and then as I was carrying shopping I came back via the canal path. Turned out I'd done a respectable 8 km!:

When I got home I discovered that my Run Mummy Run "She Cracked It" medal for my 10k run the other day:

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