Tuesday 25 August 2015

#CountryKids on Aldingham Beach

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 

Our local Parkrun wasn't on this weekend so we traipsed all the way to Barrow instead as my brother wanted to do a bit of a run on his holiday. Nice to catch up with some folks and complete a hilly course:

As we had dragged all three generations with us almost to the end of the Furness peninsula we decided to try and entertain everyone on the way back. First up letting the dog have a free run on Aldingham Beach. Like all beaches in Morecambe Bay you have to watch out for quicksand but there was plenty of room for her to run around whilst the children made a big splash:

This is one of the years when there has been an influx of jelly fish to Cumbrian coasts and the children found several washed up on the stones:


My daughter had a lot of fun hunting for shells. These were just some of her haul:


My nephew even found a crab in a rock pool. Can you spot it?

rockpool crab

We all got a bit competitive and tried to get rocks onto this grassy tussock just off the beach:

Aldingham beach

A slightly more unusual find was what my brother thinks is part of a fish's spine (a quick Google and it may be a dolphin!): 

dolphin spine

The beach had plenty of features for me to photograph whilst the children were entertaining themselves too:

Aldingham breakwater

Other visitors had even built a cairn:

beach cairn

A lovely spot to blow off the cobwebs and to entertain three generations and a dog!

Monkey and Mouse

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