Tuesday 28 July 2015

#CountryKids Swim Safe at Brockhole

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
Today we headed to Brockhole for my children's Swim Safe session. These sessions are run jointly with the RNLI and the Amateur Swimming Association About Swim Safe. Living in a county with lots of open water I was very keen on helping my children learn how to stay safe - my daughter has twice got too cold in the water and needed rescuing so it was time to teach them to be safer.

On arrival they were kitted out in full wet suits, bright tops and swimming caps to keep them visible in the water:

An RNLI lifeguard ran them through the 5 main safety rules:

Then some ASA instructors ran through the things that the children would be doing in the water before leading them down to the lake:

Every child was issued with a swimming woggle to give them reassurance and they slowly got into the 16C water:

Some of the locals didn't seem to sure about having their locale invaded:

My son really wasn't sure about swimming in the great outdoors (despite having previously swam in the sea) and had to be coaxed by the instructors whilst the others headed slightly further out:

One lovely lady called Diane spent the entire session getting him happy in the water:

Further out the other children were practising water safety techniques such as floating and staying together as group:

They were lucky that for most of the session the rain stopped but it wasn't a nice sunny day on the lake:

By the end of the session my son had a huge grin on his face and didn't want to get out of the water:

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