Thursday 26 March 2015

Reasons to be Cheerful: Work in progress.. #R2BC

Thanks everyone who joined in last week sorry if I haven't read and commented on everyone's post yet... I look forward to reading and sharing more of your happy posts this week. Jo will be hosting next month and has come to my rescue starting the linky for me this week! Updated post now I have caught up with my lesson planning

1) Spring!

As shown in my Country Kids post Spring is well and truly under way in the Lake District:

Though we woke up this morning to snow:

2) Getting Slimmer & Fitter

No photos this week but yay to a 1 pound weight loss and running leggings that are too loose around the tummy! After nearly a week of not running I managed to combine delivering my son's fell shoes with not one but two 4 km runs. Both of which broke some course or segment records:

3) Proud Mummy

My daughter had volunteered for her school's swimming squadron in the local gala last weekend. She doesn't swim a lot these days and wasn't too confident on the night. Her face when her swim team made it into the final out of 17 teams was priceless! They finished 5th overall which was very good when they hadn't had much practice.

Please join us and share your happiness and grab the badge if you would like it:

Reasons to be Cheerful 


  1. Lol Becky, when you names it work in progress, you really meant it! Hope all is OK for you. Mich x

  2. just snowed under with teaching stuff!

  3. Ahh little lambs, so cute!
    I do love a walk in the country, but yes, longer legs needed to clamber over gates

  4. Teehee the lamb impressions made me laugh. This is something we all participate in when we go for a walk too. #countrykids

  5. I'm yet to take any photos of lambs this year.I've been waiting for them to be turned out into the fields near us before we pay a visit.Gorgeous photos as always Becky.

  6. Coombe Mill (Fiona)28 March 2015 at 11:08

    Sheep are easily confused, definitely the most daft animals on our farm! Looks like a lovely walk and gorgeous little lambs. thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids

  7. Looking for Blue Sky28 March 2015 at 15:12

    Great that you're achieving so much despite that you have so much going on x

  8. Stunning post, took our first lamb pics of the year the other day too. #countrykids x

  9. thank you! the lambs are irrestible

  10. Busy, busy, busy time for you. Hope the Easter hols bring a break.
    Will do my reading tomorrow :)

  11. I hope the Easter holidays give you a little down time, I know you need it! xx


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