Saturday 28 March 2015

Crafting Fun with Felltarn Friends

Today we kicked off our Easter break with a free crafting session with Felltarn Friends at the Westmorland Shopping Centre. They are there every Wednesday and Saturday this Easter holidays. We first came across the Friends at the Food Festival last year and since then I have got to know the lovely mums that are behind the company. 

Once the children had signed in they headed straight for the colouring wall:

My son told me I had to do some too - especially the high up parts! He is normally very reluctant to colour in anything so this sight brought me great pleasure:

Meanwhile his sister had moved on to the Easter bunting table and asked me to make one as well. It was very therapeutic to sit an colour in and then cut out my finished shapes:

Once she had finished her bunting and her egg she moved on to playing with the decoratable cardboard aeroplane:

Then she added some knights to the castle:

Turned out my son was worn out and needed a snuggle with the giant sheep in the window:

I can't wait to explore the Felltarn Friends book to get crafty and learn more about our adoptive county.

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