Thursday 27 November 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful November's nearly over #R2BC

Thank you Jo for sorting out last week's linky whilst I was busy on my teaching practice! She will be running the linky for December.

1) Proud Mum #1

My son smashed his PB again at Fell Foot Parkrun knocking another 30 seconds off his time, this time he didn't let me slow him down so much and hared off after his friend! His time of 31 minutes and 30 seconds is a time that is faster than my all time record for 5k so I guess I need to get in shape to catch him..

2) Proud Mum #2

My daughter (who hates running) took part in a cross country competition for her school. Proud of her for giving it a go even though its not her sport and she is not a natural runner. Wonder if she will have another go...

3) New guinea pig hutch

The guinea pig hutch we were kindly given earlier this year was showing signs of age and falling apart. So we acquired a newer one that will keep the furry members of our family safe outside until winter fully sets in:

Please join us and share your happiness and grab the badge if you would like it, don't forget the Google+ community too:

Reasons to be Cheerful 


  1. I love this linky and I always forget to link up! Hopefully I will remember next week too x

  2. don't forgot its over at Jo's next month :-)

  3. Lots of proud mum moments and a new piggy hutch too :)

  4. You're son is whipping you, with his running! Good on your daughter for giving it a go, proud mummy moments rule x


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