Saturday 22 November 2014

#CountryKids Sporty Saturday at Fell Foot Park

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

As regular readers know my son and I run Fell Foot Parkrun every Saturday. Big sister is a marshal so we all take part. Today there it was a slightly smaller field than normal on a damp morning with muddy conditions. Both of the runners had acquired trail shoes to cope with the slippery footing:

I wasn't feeling as fit as last week and my son stayed in front of me all the way around! I came in slightly slower than my PB but still my second fastest on the course:

Official times due on Monday so looking forward to seeing how my son did! 

Meanwhile having marshalled my daughter decided it was her turn to have some sporty fun and stripped down to her wet suit:

She didn't last long on this occasion:

However she is made of tough stuff and popped on her rubber shoes and headed off to the cafe on the wet route:

I eventually caught up close enough to photograph her properly and even managed to video her braving the icy depths up to her neck:

Little brother sensibly stayed on dry land:

Roll on next week!

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