Wednesday 4 April 2012

Toy Review: Moon Sand Pet Shop

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My children were sent a Moon Sand Pet Shop to try out and review. This is the first time we have ever had any Moon Sand as people had told me horror stories about it! We made good preparations though and I covered the kitchen table in newspaper and made sure the children were well supervised. 

The set came with 2 different colours of sand which the children emptied into the container:

My son spread it out and my daughter started to fill in the decorative screens for the pet shop:

My son at 5 opted for the simpler option of using one of the moulds to make a tortoise. With this you simply pushed sand firmly into the mould and then popped it out:

My 8 year old daughter got bored with the decorative screens as she found them quite fiddly so handed the job to me. Pushing the two parts together I managed to snick my finger as it was quite a tricky job. Meanwhile my daughter was having a more creative time putting two different colours of sand into one of the two sided moulds:

The bigger moulds needed more sand in than it looks as they are quite deep. If you don't put enough in then when you open the mould it all collapses. They also needed to be firmly pressed which my 5 year old struggled to do. My 8 year old got the hang of the technique and was keen to carry on until all the sand was gone.

We managed to make at least one of each animal and the pet food etc and soon filled up the available display with our collection:

The children both really enjoyed the set and were keen to carry on. We did end up with some sand on the floor but it wasn't a major problem. The set sells at £14.97 at and is available elsewhere. It is aimed at 3 years and up but I would suggest that 6 and up is the best age for it. Take precautions to reduce sand going everywhere and supervise!

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