Tuesday 17 April 2012

Digital Joneses: The Talk 2.0

I have briefly mentioned that my family are one of the 10 families in the UK chosen to be part of Trend Micro's Digital Joneses project. This as an exciting chance for me to learn how to keep all my family safe online over the year of the project. We are being set a series of challenges to either test what we know or to teach us more.

The first challenge we have had to complete was The Talk 2.0 in which we had to make a video on an iPad showing us talking about staying safe online with our children. With my youngest being 5 I decided to complete this task with my 8 year daughter. She is getting into using computers and the Internet at home and school so I wanted to make sure she understands some simple safety rules without scaremongering or being beyond what she needs to understand.

It took a couple of takes but this is the video she and I made together:

As you can see she seems pretty clued up on staying safe online and even throws in some advice for me! At the minute she has to use a computer in the same room as me and I can control what she does on it, hopefully she will keep this lessons to heart as she grows and becomes more independent. 

I am looking forward to carrying on with the project and seeing what else it can teach us all as a family to keep safe on the Internet.

My son was a bit jealous about his sister's video and was inspired by seeing some YouTube Lego Star Wars videos to get me to make one with him:

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  1. Loved this. Your two did a great job with their videos.Its something I really need to get across to my ones too.Now that they are online more and more.


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