Thursday 1 December 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful XXVII ( #R2BC )

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

I am pleased to be hosting this fabulous linky this week as Michelle continues her well earned break! It has really helped me to emphasise the positives in my life over the last few months. If you want to join in then please fill out the linky at the bottom.

Here are mine:

1) My car

It's back! There are still problems with it and looks like it will be goodbye to it soon but I am now independently mobile again. I have to thank so many people especially my parents for making lots of sacrifices to get the children and I to where we have needed to be for the last 2 weeks. My neighbour and a mum from school have also been so helpful. I was amazed at the number of people who offered me lifts and/or a loan car to get me through. Budget Tyres tried to work miracles for me and did things at cost/trade price to keep the final bill down. Just a shame the final fix would have been way too expensive...

this isn't a cheerful thing now as the intermittent fault happened way too often...

2) My daughter

On Saturday my daughter showed her business sense and made money for herself and charity painting nails at our church Advent fair. Not bad for an 8 year old and even the adults who had it done said she did a great job. Then we went on to help at a bridge tournament in memory of my granny and several people complimented myself and my mum on my daughter's behaviour and manners (so she can do it!).

3) My son

He is really coming on with his writing and reading at school which is great news. He is also very excited about being a sheep in the nativity! He may have a few wobbly moments but growing up fast.

4) Me

I have had quite a few unsolicited comments about how much slimmer I'm looking! Even my Job Centre adviser said I was looking like I'd lost weight ;-) So even if the scales aren't always going in the right direction I'm obviously doing something right!

5) Work

I have had some really good sales of books in the run up to Christmas and its always such a pleasure to see how many parents, grandparents and other relatives love to give Usborne books as presents. My final big event in the pre-Christmas push is the Staveley Winter Festival tomorrow. Here's hoping that I'll have even more reason to be cheerful after that!


  1. Well done to your daughter - watch out Lord Sugar! And great news that your son is progressing well - it's lovely to know they are doing well and enjoying it

  2. What an great little business woman you have there!!

  3. Very impressed with your daughter. Can sort the recession out single-handed I am sure. Well done on son's progress too.
    Hope you win a superb car in a raffle

  4. Thanks so much for hosting love, not that I have been too good at resting! lol

    A great set of reasons. Isn't it lovely to get complimented on your children?

    Mich x


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