Tuesday 27 December 2011

Family Fun: A walk from Elterwater (part 1)

Despite the inclement weather I headed off to Elterwater with my parents and children for a day's hike. It was definitely a day for full waterproofs and even an extra umbrella and there was plenty of mud and huge puddles to avoid (or in the case of my son jump in!). This was the first time the children and I had been to the area so we took great delight in taking in the sights.

The route started with a walk along the river and then by the shores of Elterwater itself:

The path here has been gravelled but was so heavily waterlogged in places that we had to meander a bit. Eventually we came to a lovely modern bridge which spans the river:

A bit further down the river we came to Skelwith Force. They looked and sounded quite magnificent due to all the recent rainfall:

After that we headed away from the river across a mix of farmland and woodland. Eventually we were all in need of a rest so stop for a coffee and a snack:

After crossing a few more fields we took some quite steep stairs down to the river:

(Part 2)

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  1. Looks like a rather bracing walk to say the least! I hope you had some hot chocolate on your return!


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