Thursday 15 December 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful XXIX ( #R2BC )

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Well its just over a week to go until Christmas so we all ought to be cheerful I suppose - unless you are completely stressed out and worn down by the whole thing! Been a lot ging on yhis week so here are the main reasons for me to be cheerful today:

1) Son's first primary school nativity

At my children's school the whole of the infant school put on a traditional nativity. Every child has a part with the Reception class such as my son being animals (he was a sheep!). Talking parts are done by the year 2 children and the Year 1 children are angels/stars/shepherds etc. There are only around 50 of them altogether this year and they did a brilliant job.

2) Makeovers and night out

On Friday morning I had a major hair restyle at Lavella Hair in Kendal. After over 6 months of not having a cut my hair was blooming awful and only fit for tying in a pony tail! Now its in a proper graduated bob and looking in tip top condition. As I was going out that night I nipped into Boots and got a free makeover so that it looked better than I can do. As I was wearing contact lenses and not glasses I confused so many people with my new look including my parents and my children. It's hard to do a self portrait but here was my attempt:

The night out was with 100+ ladies who attend Rosemary Conley classes in the local area. A really good fun time at Kendal Rugby Club as we all let our hair down for a great party.

3) Family

On Saturday the children and I day tripped to Birmingham to see their half sister for the first time in a year. She is a lovely lass of nearly 14 and we had a fun 4 hours exploring Birmingham's German market and funfair. Shame we live so far apart that we can't see her as often as we would like.

4) School choir

My daughter is in her school choir and on Monday night I went with my mum and aunt to see her perform at the Staveley Choral Society Christmas Concert. It is not a huge choir but they sounded delightful as they performed. Hopefully I can work out how to get the audio I recorded on the night on to my blog - only 14 seconds but it will give you a taste.

5) La Posasda

Once again we have been a host to our church's Posada. It is a great way to remember the reason for Christmas and also to think about people who are homeless or refugees as was the case for Mary, Joseph and Jesus even for a short while. Having another church family round to share was also a lovely part of the experience:


  1. Lovely reasons. Nice haircut! Enjoy the nativity :0)

  2. Lovely diverse reasons and look at you, all glammed up for Christmas.

  3. Lovley picture of you, I hope this week is less stressful.

    Happy Christmas, Mich x


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