Friday 16 December 2011

GCSE Online Maths Tuition: Get Your Child Up to Speed in 2012

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As a parent with a teenage son or daughter looking to take their GCSEs in May 2012, the prospect for both parent and child can seem daunting. More families are weighing up their options for supporting their children, and many are seeking extra support with the more difficult subjects, such as maths.

In the last 10 years, home tuition has become increasingly popular, with students visiting the homes of retired teachers for private maths tutoring to try and cram some extra study time in before GCSEs get underway.

The iTutorMaths online maths tutor service is quite simple; a maths tutor will work with small classes and all the students need is a broadband internet connection and a microphone or headset. It’s quick and easy to set up and allows students to study with a teacher, from the comfort of their own homes.

The virtual classroom concept is proving popular with parents too. Their child stays at home and is able to work more closely with the parent and the online maths tutor at the same time, encouraging greater parent-child involvement and interaction. Here’s a couple of other great reasons why online maths tuition is the way forward:

·       No embarrassment – children might be afraid to speak up in class when there is something they don’t understand, but studying online with a personal maths tutor eliminates this fear, as class sizes are so much smaller.

·       Greater understanding of core modules – at school it is easy for teachers to run through a particular subject and some students miss out on the extra details, such as why it is like it is and how they came to that conclusion or maths sum. With a private online maths tutor, students are more likely to grasp methodologies with a deeper understanding rather than skimming over a topic.

So why is this important to consider now? Well, if your child is looking to take their maths GCSE in 2012 or beyond, now could be the perfect time to look at getting your child enrolled with an online maths tutoring service, giving them that head start they need before exam time comes around.

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