Monday 27 November 2017

Forest School: Bird Feeders

As I am just starting out to teach forest school with children from Nursery to Year 1 I have been researching simple ideas of things that they can make to incorporate into our sessions. We are going to be looking at winter as a topic from this week so I have been looking at simple bird feeders that we can make. These look easy enough for them to do (as long as they don't eat the cereals!):

These look good too as long as no-one is allergic to nuts:

Have you successfully made bird feeders with younger children? Could you give me any suggestions?


  1. I've made bird feeders with my daughter when she was younger using pine cones, peanut butter & bird feed. Very simple but very effective. Birds peck them clean

  2. That sounds similar to the bread one as basically you slap on peanut butter and then coat in the seed!


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