Thursday 5 January 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful XXXII ( #R2BC )

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Well we have made it to 2012 so I guess that is a reason to be cheerful in itself! This is the 1st anniversary of the blog hop so even more reason to smile (and Michelle has a giveaway for all those who take part in January). But here are my more mundane reasons to be cheerful:

1) Pride in my children

It's been a very wet week but it hasn't put my children off going out and doing things. On Friday they did their longest bike ride to date and we all got soaked but they did it!

We also did a 4 mile hike on New Year's Eve and got very wet and very muddy but it hasn't put them off hiking!

2) New Year's Eve

It was a very quiet and soberish New Year's Eve for us but a very enjoyable evening rounded off by watching the amazing London fireworks from the comfort of the sofa whilst drinking Prosecco:

3) Extended Family

On New Year's Day we got together with some of our extended family for the afternoon and went to see my Granny's memorial at Crook church:

It may seem a strange reason to be cheerful but we now have somewhere to remember her. We also had a lovely afternoon and early evening together as a family which is always good.

4) Sunshine!

After what seems like weeks of never ending rain this afternoon was glorious. Really hope we get more of this for a bit:


  1. It was a beautiful day today and so lovely to see the sun shining. It always makes me happy when the sun shines!

  2. Sounds like you had a really active festive season biking and hiking. Good on you for getting out and about whatever the weather :o)

  3. Oh I don't think we got that Sunny afternoon in London. The mornings this week have been really really grim. Thank God yesterday and today Daddy drove Aaron to nursery to avoid me pushing him (walking) in the cold and the dark.

    Lovely to see you on #R2BC - loving your reasons too.

    Liska x

  4. This post really gets over a chirpy attitude. Well done you and Happy New Year

  5. The fireworks were amazing weren't they! Roll on more sunshine to cheer us all up! x

  6. Lovely reasons to be cheerful xx Happy new year!

  7. Happy new year, I really should have watched the fireworks on NYE, especially as I was staying in central London! doh

    Mich x


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