Saturday 12 November 2011

Operation 3rd Bedroom

With a lot of hard work from my parents we have finally all got our own bedrooms! It's not a finished job but tonight everyone will be sleeping on their own (hope it lasts all night...).

The first phase of the operation was getting my son into his own room after removing my office and sundry items from the box room. Phase two involved swapping my bed into my new room (but not putting it back together) and moving my daughter's bunk bed into her new room and reassembling it. I then spent the rest of the week on the bottom bunk.

Today was the most complicated part of the project. We had to swap all the rest of the furniture around between mine and my daughter's rooms. Things started to get interesting when my wardrobe had to come out.. This belongs to my landlady and so was already in the middle sized bedroom. We had no problem getting it out of my bedroom onto the landing but then found we couldn't get it round narrow landing into the other bedroom.

It reminded me of the song Right Said Fred by Bernard Cribbens as we kept on trying different angles. For those too young to know what I'm talking about its on YouTube:

Then we resorted to semi-dismantling the wardrobe on the landing. Due to the lack of space we had to keep sliding the wardrobe backwards and forwards to have enough space to do this. We did indeed need to have another cup of tea to get the job done.

top off the wardrobe

doors off the wardrobe

Eventually the wardrobe made it via an over the bannister lift and into its new home! Luckily all the rest of the furniture was much more manageable. There is going to have to be some tweaking to get all the furniture with the best use of space. The problem with having an office at one end is that there is more furniture to deal with.

My daughter's room is also going to take some organising to get everything in the right place. It always takes some jiggling to maximise her storage as well as leave her space to play.

The light at the end of the tunnel seems to be getting closer...

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