Thursday 10 November 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful XXV ( #R2BC )

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

It's another guest host this week so pop over to Kate on Thin Ice to see what's happening! I am a pretty happy bunny again so here are my reasons to be cheerful this week:

1) Operation 3rd Bedroom

My parents have come and spent several more hours on this project so that my little boy moved into his first ever solo bedroom on Friday:

Not much space but it's his!

He actually wants to keep it this tidy!!
He anticipated his birthday and went shopping for bedroom accessories and ended up with an eclectic mix:
  • Power rangers bean bag
  • Ben 10 rug
  • Manchester United lamp and light shade (causing controversy in our wider family!)
It still needs some shelves being put back and his posters up on the wall but he is loving it - especially banning his sister from "my room".

My daughter and I are temporarily sharing my old room in her bunk beds. Until we swap the rest of the furniture around there isn't space to erect my double. Makes for a cosy time but hoping it won't last long:

2) Big boy birthday

On Sunday my son celebrated his 5th birthday with a party for 10 children aged 2 - 8. We had it at Ings Parish Hall as its a lovely inexpensive venue. I roped in my parents and my aunt to get things done and was relieved that all the children's parents stayed! The boys had fun outside for a while before we dragged them in to play games and for tea etc. Lots of hilarity with the pinata and one banged head - not sure I'll repeat that game again... 

Happy Birthday!

On his actual birthday he had a lovely time after school opening presents with myself and his grandparents. A very lucky boy to have been given such lovely things!

3) Work

I had an interview to be a Midday Superviser at my children's school this week. I didn't get it as someone else had been one elsewhere but it was good practice for interviews and they've said I'm welcome to apply for future roles.

Still waiting to hear back from another job I applied for on Sunday! Hard to find something around here that fits in round being a single mum of primary aged kids but things do keep popping up and one of them will be right for me.

4) Weight

Another good result on the scales this week with 1.5 pounds off. Here's hoping I am on a roll for the rest of the year. I am feeling fitter and healthier - partly from all the furniture shifting I think! Hopefully I'll get my front room floor back soon so I can build Wii exercise back into my routine.

5) Winning things!

Because of beating a fellow blipper (Gladders) to capture the River Kent otter they very kindly bought me a years membership of Blipfoto. Now I can use all the features of the site and hopefully take my photography further.

I also won a competition over at Mummy Fever and will be taking the family to Legoland Discovery Centre in Manchester! To say we are excited is an understatement.

Please follow the hop to see why everyone else is smiling about.


  1. Kate On Thin Ice here thanking you for linking up with such diverse and wonderful reasons. You do birthdays like we do and I have 2 boys with November birthdays. Love your boy's room with all that great storage and hooray if you have a tidy boy and wish I did. Cosy times with your girl also good fun I bet. Great news on weight and work fronts - moving forward, well done you

  2. What a great week! Sounds like everything is going in the right direction :-)


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