Friday 28 August 2020

Museum of the Moon, Coronation Hall, Ulverston #MuseumOfTheMoon


I have recently seen lots of social media posts from friends of the Museum of the Moon exhibition at the Coronation Hall in Ulverston. Having discovered that it ends this Monday I persuaded my mum to pick me up so that we could go and see it today. Before going in I had to say hello to one of Ulverston's most famous residents and his partner:

With social distancing rules we had to sanitise and follow a one way system. Walking into the hall we had an instant wow factor on seeing the moon:

In the hall we could walk right under the moon and see close up the NASA images that it is made of:

There was a careful visit onto the stage. Both of us wear varifocals so it was interesting in the dark! Then we headed up to the balcony for the best view of the moon:

We were able to sit and soak up the beauty of the moon and listen to the music and the audio from NASA:

On our way out I had a go at taking a selfie with the moon:

We then got a last chance to get up close as we headed towards the exit. It was amazing to see parts of the moon that are normally hidden from the Earth:

We then wandered around the town centre until we found a cafe we liked the look of. The Fourpence Cafe was quirky and full of antiques and curios. It also had delicious scones with homemade jam:

Ulverston is lovely town with plenty of interesting buildings and what feels like not a single straight road:

Watch out for the Moon as it travels the world....

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