Sunday 5 July 2020

Number Challenge

How many of you have ever played the number plate game (where you try to spot number plates with the next number)? We did as children and I tried to get my children into it, but the new number plate format doesn't work so well!

I decided to challenge myself to find numbers whilst out and about and photograph them. The only rules are:
  • no house numbers
  • no number plates
  • no consecutive numbers from same source

Here are this week's spots:

numbers 1-6

  1. a vehicle at the electricity board
  2. a pedestrian crossing pole
  3. National Trust poster
  4. footpath distance
  5. another National Trust poster
  6. road signpost
numbers 7-12

7.   weight limit
8.   price of a camping chair
9.   post box collection time
10. parking restriction end time
11. bus timetable
12. warning sign

numbers 13-14

13. travel time to walk to somewhere in Kendal
14. sample house number at local shop

I am still looking for a 15 having seen several whilst it wasn't the next in the sequence! If you fancy having a go it is really easy, who will be first to 100?


  1. We used to play the number plate game and keep it going for months - each keeping our own personal score. We got into the hundreds. Good luck with 15.

  2. I think we got to at least 200 and something!


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