Wednesday 18 April 2018

Overhauling the front garden

I have to admit that my front garden has been a bit of an embarrassment, although not the worst in the street! The lawn is uneven and claggy, the edges were escaping over the path and it was just not a pleasant view as you arrive the house... I started working on it in March by putting in some cheap plants a buddleia and a rose:

I then dug out a new border along the fence and removed the lawn from where it had escaped across the footpath:

But the snow and then rain got in the way and I got on with jobs inside the house instead... So today I spent the entire morning out the front to make a difference to this:

First of all I dug out another border along the fence and discovered where the hardstanding actually finishes by removing stray lawn:

Then I dug out a whole in the middle of the lawn, a tricky job when the soil is full of large rocks:

Into it I planted a jasmine that I was given when I left my last post (just hope the front garden is not too damp for it): 

Then I set about planting my bulbs in the 2 borders. It turned out I needed to dig a 3rd border alongside the path:

Then I raked over the beds to put some wildflower seeds in. Hopefully these will help butterflies and bees:

I still have more to do, including relocating the extremely heavy butler's sink, but I am a lot less embarrassed by the garden now! I just hope that most of what I have planted actually grows and provides plenty of colour...

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