Saturday 11 March 2017

#FitBitchesMOVEment #SlimmingSunday Catching up!

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Oh dear I haven't done a fitness blog post since the 20th of February! Time for a quick catchup then an update.... I was in Northumberland for half term and I managed 2 runs whilst away. The first with my 10 year old during Storm Doris! You can see how wild it was by the state of us after only 2km:

We did plenty of walking on the nicer days as the beaches were beautiful. Whilst out we spotted markers for a 10k to Ultra event that took place the day we left, its on my bucket list! Instead I managed to get out for a 5k run which included a return leg along the beach:

When we got back home I discovered the damage holiday food had done to my weight... Luckily I managed to get it off again quite quickly! Partly with runs out like with the juniors which included plenty of hill work:

And a very cold and wet 5k:

Then I had to listen to my body as I was feeling too full of cold to run again on a very wet week... Luckily I did get to dancercise every week but it wasn't until I went out with the juniors this Wednesday that I ran again...

Today I woke so full of cold I wasn't sure I would be able to run but I was determined to get more miles in for my challenge! At the start line I thought I would be taking it easy but somehow set another new fastest time this year at parkrun and my 10th fastest of all time (out of 41)!:

Some kind stranger from Sheffield took my weekly photograph, when I got home I discovered I have lost another 2 3/4 pounds for 19 1/4 difference between these shots:

Onwards, downwards and faster!

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