Friday 18 September 2015

Reasons to be Cheerful: Running Away! #R2BC

Ojo's World

I am day late joining in with the lovely hostess Ojo's World as its been so busy! So many reasons to be cheerful so here they are:

1) Kendal Torchlight

I was road marshalling so didn't really see the parade this year but both my children were in it. My daughter was with her Girl Guide district and they won the award for the best foot troop with their scooters all lit up:

2) Hodder Valley Show

My son was fell racing in Yorkshire on Saturday (a full post to come!) and despite the rain we had a fab day out. The fact he won his age category helped:

3) Family Fun

I introduced my son to Boggle, a game that I haven't played for nearly 20 years! Good fun and educational too:

4) Winning things

I haven't won anything for a while so it was nice to get randomly drawn for a Facebook competition from Higgidy Pies to win this intriguing book. I am sure we will try out a few of these wonderful looking spots:

5) A sunset run on the Helm

I helped out with my son's running group on the Helm this week. It was a glorious evening:

6) Running

Daily running is paying off and I am now back to being able to run 5k (or even 6!) without stopping. This means that I am now 2 minutes faster over 5k than I was at the start of the month. I've signed up for a couple of 10k races (one virtual and one in Manchester) to inspire me to keep it up! Onwards and downwards to get back to my PB:

7) Me time at Sizergh Castle

After my run today I wandered around the grounds of Sizergh Castle giving me a chance to appreciate the beauty of the grounds:

Sizergh Castle

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