Saturday 16 August 2014

Eureka The National Children's Museum with Little Live Pet

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The children and I were invited along to Eureka! in Halifax today as part of a weekend promoting Little Live Pets. We each had a free entry into the museum which would normally have cost £11.95 each. I am sure I went to the museum when it first opened in 1992 but hadn't had an excuse to return until now... Before we even got into the museum the children found loads to do:

After I had persuaded them off the musical instruments and play equipment we headed for the museum itself:

Once inside we were directed the special room where the Little Live Pets where being demonstrated. My children needed no prompting to have a go at holding and stroking the birds to bring them to life:

The birds could repeat little phrases and also played little tunes. As for the butterflies they were quite realistic in their fluttering. 

They had also laid on some craft activities and my children both enjoyed the glass painting to make sun catchers:

My daughter couldn't resist going back several times to play with the birds and butterflies:

Her little brother was the only one that took up the offer of having his face painted. I have to say it was one of the best he has ever had done:

Having exhausted all the activities in the room we headed into the museum itself (partly armed with a Little Live Pet Bird trail). The museum is all about learning through play and there were so many exhibits that the children could interact with:

Sometime they worked as a team:

Whilst on others it was a solo affair:

They were both keen to investigate the mock T.A.R.D.I.S. but were disappointed it only had a coin press inside:

Some of the facts included were fascinating for grown ups as well as for the children - although mine didn't seem to pause to read very much as they went round:

They were much more keen on using their hands to learn:

Or their whole bodies in the case of the surf board:

One of the main parts of the museum contains lots of real life places allowing children to learn how things like shops, garages, banks and homes work. The parents weren't completely neglected though:

It was great for the children to try out things like the petrol pump and to MoT the cars:

Of course it wouldn't appeal to kids without the yuck factor of things like seeing how toilets work:

Both my children spent ages in the Post Office part pretending to deliver the post to the other parts of the museum:

My son practiced sorting the post into the correct trays for each of the businesses:

Our favourite bit of the museum was the About Me section where the children could each record various measurements such as how far they could reach sideways:

They could also compare themselves with the man who was world's tallest in 2012 by trying on his shoes:

A lovely member of staff showed us around and helped us with all the activities including saving goals:

Hopefully both children have learned something from all the exhibits and displays:

After the bloggers lunch (yummy) my children headed for the big sand pit. With the help of another boy they had fun constructing this shelter out of the equipment:

There was also plenty of space in the sand pit to let off all the excess energy:

Definitely a great museum for primary aged children or younger. The entry price isn't cheap but we could have spent most of the day in there (although it did get busier by lunch time). A few exhibits were temporarily unavailable but otherwise there was plenty for the children to do. 

We now have our own Little Live Pet Bird to try out at home so watch this space for a better review!

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  1. Coombe Mill (Fiona)16 August 2014 at 22:15

    A wonderful venue in picturesque surroundings and lots of fun activities to keep the children entertained - all makes for a great day out. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.


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