Tuesday 22 October 2013

Go Sober in October and #Shredtober end week 3 with help from Zeo

Completed my third full week of being tee total and doing the 30 day shred. So how has it gone?

Still making use of my Cut Down on Alcohol slimpod to help my Go Sober campaign and not missing it! There have been times this week when my kids have pushed me to breaking point and I haven't cracked and opened a bottle of wine (I have one sitting on side in kitchen). I am looking forward to November the first though... Very pleased to have been part of a campaign that has raised over a million for Macmillan.

The nice people at Zeo drinks sent me 3 of their soft drinks to try out to help me stick to my sobriety. The parcel they were sent in was pretty amazing:

You can probably guess from the packaging that the drinks are made in Russia. Apparently the drinks are 100% natural and only contain the following ingredients:

  • Carbonated water: Naturally sourced, straight from the spring!
  • Sugar: ZEO contains low levels of sugar extracted from sugar beets.
  • Natural flavourings: All natural flavouring substances obtained from raw plant materials.
  • Natural colourings: Extracted, isolated and concentrated from natural sources (e.g. strawberry).
  • Citric acid: This is what makes lemons lemony. A natural preservative that is also used to add a sour taste to foods and drinks (lemon juice contains 3% citric acid).
  • Pectin: A natural thickening/gelling agent extracted from citrus peel.
  • Stevia: Made from the stevia leaf and used for over 500 years to sweeten food and drinks, this provides a sweet hit comparable with sugar but without the calorie count or leaving you with a sugar craving.
  • They come in 3 flavours:

    • Crush - blood orange, lime, lemon and orange
    • Zest - lime
    • Burst - peaches and grapefruit
    The drinks range from 45-59 calories per bottle which is a lot lower than most alcohol. I liked the gentle carbonation which gave you a tingle without too much fizz:

    All the drinks were very refreshing and thirst quenching though the peach was a little too sweet to my taste. My daughter and I both decided that the Zest one was our favourite. Just a shame that I can't find a local stockist. They are available from WH Smith and Ocado at around £4 for a 4 pack which is a fair price.

    Shredtober has now passed the third week of the 30 day shred! All 21 workouts done even though I missed a day due to Go Ape. Instead I did one level 2 and one level 3 workout on the same day - eek! My progress photos are looking good: 
    Week 1

    Loving the disappearing waistline but the sideways shots is good too:

    Abs are much tighter and have to say my upper body coped better with Go Ape than it would have done! The scales have gone up this week - that could be disheartening if I couldn't see the changes

    Only 8 workouts left for Shredtober and 9 more days to stay Sober the end is in sight!


    1. wow, what a difference. You look great! Keep it up lovely :)

    2. Well done Becky. You've really achieved a difference. Maybe I should try a month off the booze to kickstart the diet before Christmas. Not before next week though.

    3. Better not as I've bought a box of red wine to share with you guys ;-)


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