Tuesday 8 October 2013

Go Sober and Shredtober end week 1

Well the end of the first full week of being tee total and doing the 30 day shred. So how has it gone?

First challenge on staying sober was ironically a charity fund raiser for breast cancer! I walked in the door and was offered pink cava... one of my favourite drinks. Despite friends saying but it's in aid of cancer too I stuck to my guns and drank J2O and lemonade instead! Was quite funny being one of few people in the room not under the influence of alcohol..

Over the rest of the weekend when I would normally have a drink e.g. watching Strictly I replaced my usual tipple with a bottle of Becks Blue:

Not quite the same but my son thought it was the real thing and told me off! We had to show him the label... So that is week one done and it wasn't too hard. 

Next weekend is my birthday so instead of going out for dinner we are going out for breakfast so no booze. Going to be very strange not having a glass of wine to celebrate! If you want to help me through then join the lovely people who have sponsored me already over at Go Sober.

To help me out the lovely people at Thinking Slimmer have sent me one of their Cut Down on Alcohol slimpod. I have added it to my bed time listening! Hopefully this will be great come November when I can drink again too..

As for Shredtober I have now completed a full week of the 30 day shred! I moved on up to the second level after a few days and have been getting to grips with plank jacks and walking press ups - eek. It does seem to be paying off getting a real hard workout every day. The scales haven't shifted much (1.5 pounds) as I'm swapping from fat to muscle (I dropped 1% on body fat) but I can see how my shape is changing:

Week 1

Week 2
I need to get a better way to take these shots other than balancing the mirror on the bed! 

It does go to prove that getting in shape is not just about the scales. Hopefully if I stick with it the weight will follow as well though as I am mostly eating a lot healthier than last month. Listening to my body and stopping when full and not eating after the children are in bed is certainly an improvement.

So here is hoping that as my 2 monthly challenges progress there will be less and less of me to show in photographs on here!

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  1. I have not doubt you will lose weight on this new regime and can see you already have! I take my hat off to you though - two major tasks in one month! Well done on your progress so far :)


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