Monday 21 October 2013

Back2School Review: Stabilo Pens and Pencils

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Like most parents I want my children to do well at school and I'm keen on them having the right tools to do so. Therefore when Stabilo asked me to review some of their products I was happy to do so. 

First up the Stabilo EASYgraph perfect for my 6 year son who is working on perfecting his pencil grip whilst learning to write properly:

stabilo easygraph pencil

The fact that it has notches on it to force the correct grip means that he only has to think about what he is writing. This is his list of things we need for our new guinea pigs:

stabilo easygraph pencil

Believe me his handwriting is a lot worse when he uses a normal pencil! In fact he is so impressed with it he likes to take it to school as he teacher wants him to improve his writing.

For my daughter we were sent a Stabilo EASYoriginal:

stabilo easyoriginal pen

We have come across these before to help a family member who has dyspraxia so we know how useful they can be. My daughter gets told off at school for not using the correct pencil grip so this is ideal for her. She has enjoyed using it and I just need to photograph some of resulting writing. 

She has also been having fun with some Stabilo Point 88 fine liners for creating a comic strip in honour of Kendal Comic Fest:

stabilo point 88 fine liner work

As you can see they are good for both writing and drawing. Let's just hope both of them now get better marks for their handwriting at school!

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  1. oh these look interesting. I think we could do with some of these in our household.


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