Monday 10 November 2008

Starting off

Well I am about to start 2 extra jobs on top of my "real" one to help pay for the childcare for the first one!

I have signed up to sell Usbourne Books @ Home. I am hoping that I now have enough mum networks through school, nursery, swimming etc to shift enough books to make some money. Other people have done well out of it but let's hope the bubble hasn't burst with the credit crunch.... Apparently if you don't sell £100 worth in 12 weeks they refund you (minus any damaged stock). Watch this space for that one...

My daughter is looking forward to going back to her old school for after school club from Wednesday. I can't afford the cost but I needed something more reliable than the goodwill of other families who have their own issues to take care of. She is loving her school and they just had a really good Ofsted so that's smiles all round.

My little boy was 2 on Friday and his character is really starting to show. I just hope that he let's me get on with my new home working as today he was very clingy and kept asking me to turn off my computer! I will have to fine tune how long I spend working and how long I spend with him. It's a hard decision but for the next few years we will be teetering on the brink of bankruptcy so some sacrifices have to be made.

As for me personally I have got to get myself back on track with my weight maintaining. I have not gone to the effort of losing nearly 5 stone this summer to put it all back on. My LighterLife group are marvellous and I just need to get more support from other people closer to home. If you see me near the crisps/cakes/chocolate - please say "Becky no don't do it!"

Any way I had better call it a day and go to bed as I have to start my day at 6:30 and my DH will probably wake me up when he finally escapes from work. The poor man started work 13 hours ago and it's all gone pear shaped....

Night all and I hope to be better at keeping this blog up!

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