Monday 11 September 2017

Review: The Rocket Wireless Singing Machine and competition

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We were sent a Rocket Wireless Singing Machine to review:

The company are running a competition to find a Rocket Star, so if your child has got what it takes click on the image to find out how to enter:

The Rocket can act as both a microphone and a speaker as well as to Ask Siri:

All I had to do was pop in some batteries and turn on the speaker. It was incredibly easy to get my iPhone to connect to the Rocket and the light changed to show that it was communicating:

It was a really good and loud speaker which was perfect for me doing the housework! I could even wander into the next room and the connection remained. The volume could be adjusted either on the speaker or via the phone. The speaker was light enough to easily move around when needed to. 

When used as a microphone we had fun adjusting the echo. I have to say that I don't think any of us sounded good enough to enter the competition and I didn't fancy posting a video of our singing! We didn't quite look as good as these two either:

However if your child is more talented then why not submit your video! If you want to know more details of the competition then follow this link.

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