Thursday 4 September 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful Back to School! #R2BC

Thanks to the wonderful Jo at Ojo's World for hosting in August and taking good care of everything. The hosting is back to me for September so its time to share my reasons to be cheerful:

1) Mintfest

This weekend was the Mintfest Street Theatre festival in Kendal. We enjoyed lots of fun over the Saturday and Sunday. There were oh so many reasons to smile:

2) Back to uni!

Twenty years after completing my MA I officially went back to university this week. It's both exciting and nerve-racking to be starting teacher training at my age but on a campus like Lancaster and at a lovely village school there are plenty of reasons to be happy:

3) Being lucky

I won a Facebook/Twitter draw this week from our local shopping centre. So now I possess a deluxe art set and I've been enjoying spending my voucher at Rymans on stuff for uni! Just goes to prove that these competitions are genuine.

Keeping this short and sweet as I am shattered after starting my course... Please join us and share your happiness and grab the badge if you would like it:

Reasons to be Cheerful


  1. Exciting times ahead! On another note, if you get stuck/too tired, for reasons, drop me a message and I'll take over when needed x

  2. Congratulations on the win, I was always a bit unsure if they were genuine or not! #R2BC

  3. thanks Jo! It may be the only post I manage a week once I get really cracking ;-)

  4. Looking for Blue Sky4 September 2014 at 21:36

    Congrats on a great start to the school and university year! Hope you really enjoy it x

  5. Yay!

    If you're ever at a loose end in Lancaster give me a shout and we can meet for a coffee if I'm not working :-)

  6. as we travel in 'packs' and car share not looking likely :-(


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