Wednesday 2 April 2014

Workout Wednesday Returning to Form

I finally feel that I have turned a corner getting back to fitness after my injury in January. With less than a month to go until my 10 km race in Langdale I am starting to feel more confident about completing it without disgracing myself! I am going for quality over quantity and managed to get out twice this last week:

In fact I managed an almost equal distance over 2 runs this week as I did in 3 the week before! The first one was on my "short" loop around the centre of Kendal. For the first time since January I managed to run 30 minutes without needing to slow down and walk - that felt good. As you can see it meant that I am slowly catching back up to my fastest times on this run:

I am trying not to set off too fast on the first running section along the river so as not to crash and burn.. Yesterday I took advantage of having to get my daughter to school for 7:30 AM and had a much earlier run home from Staveley. Apart from the extra traffic on the road this was a nice run. I think I managed to keep my pace a lot more even than on my last attempt:

I still can't run up that blooming hill at Plantation Bridge though... One day..

This Friday I am going to do my extended Kendal loop around as far as the leisure centre. Hopefully I will get closer to my 5 km best of 31 minutes from way back in November. I have to say that my muscle tone is improving fantastically and I've had at least one comment about looking slimmer so its all an inspiration to keep donning the lycra and hitting the road..

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