Wednesday 9 April 2014

Workout Wednesday A Mixed Bag!

It's been a bit of a mixed week this week. I did apparently manage to do quite well for total workouts recorded on the Garmin:

mapmyrun data

That was 3 runs and 1 walk to work. I did so some more walking on the Monday that wasn't recorded and on Tuesday thanks to my kids' having activities at opposite ends of the village I clocked up a fair amount of walking (not the ideal 10,000 steps but not too bad!):

moves app data

Friday's run somehow, despite feeling not brilliant, clocked up some of my best shorter distance times:

Garmin connect data

It was also a slightly longer one for my town route as I managed to add the section around the Leisure Centre. My run back from Staveley to home on the Monday was marginally longer though not super speedy...

Today I attempted to squeeze in a quick run after I finished work early. Not sure why but I hated most of the run! Nothing really felt right... I cut it short and only did 5.5 km of which around 4 was at a run... Not good when my next event is on the 26th..

Really hope I get to run over next fortnight with my kids both at home. My son likes to run but shouldn't go too far. My daughter prefers to cycle. I am sure we can find a compromise somehow!


  1. You are a one woman inspiration! I cannot believe how determined you are even when you are feeling off colour. I know where you are coming from about trying to squeeze things in when the kid are off school though - I'm struggling to find time for a wee this week!

  2. Thank you it's nice to hear comments like this :-) your wee comment made me snort!


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