Wednesday 29 May 2013

Weigh in Wednesday Week 5

I didn't want to go to my weigh in tonight! I was feeling fat and I knew that I had indulged in a few too many ciders over the weekend. Not had a chance to run this week with children at home which is the way I normally undo the bad work! I was persuaded by a friend and my daughter to run to class and then run home afterwards... So here I am in my running kit just before I left my parents' house:

I have to say that my running trousers are a size smaller than the workout trousers I normally have on! As you can see the abs need plenty of work still whilst the rest is slimming down nicely.

After a good attempt at the just over 3 km trip to the venue I arrived all hot and sweaty and I was very pleasantly surprised to discover my weight had stayed the same. Therefore I must have been much better with my food choices than I thought to compensate for overindugling in bank holiday booze! The slimpods are supposed to help us realise when we are full and unconsciously make better decisions. 

Holidays are always a harder time to eat sensibly as there are plenty of temptations and things are more relaxed. We even indulged in an Indian takeaway as a pay day treat but I didn't over order and left much of the sauce of my biryani in the dish. Let's hope I can keep it up!

Despite not having formal exercise we have been out and about a lot walking or scooting around. Guess that it just helps to keep on moving!

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