Tuesday 7 May 2013

Toy Review: Ravensburger Aquarelle watercolour

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We were sent an Aquarelle painting set for my daughter to review as it is aimed at children 8-12 and she is 9. As Sunday was a lazy PJ day at home she decided to give it a go:

The set contains 5 inks, a mixing palette, a brush, a testing card and a colour chart as well as 3 canvases to paint. You simply drop the required amount of each colour into the mixing tray and add water if required:

Then you paint onto the canvas. As you can see my daughter managed to get plenty of variations of brown:

The outlines are slightly raised which means keeping you colours in the required area is a lot easier. Plenty of newspaper and paper towels are needed to protect surfaces as its no less messy than normal painting but the range of colours you can make is much greater.

I think these are a great next step for budding artists as they are given much more flexibility than more traditional painting sets but with guidelines to help them. The sets are just under £10 which seems like a reasonable price for the amount of fun they provide. Of course the final masterpieces are priceless (though for the moment my daughter has hidden hers!).

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