Saturday 30 January 2010


I am finding more and more all the things that are tougher when the number of kids is greater than the number of adults. At least previously at weekends on the whole there were more grown ups than kids now generally every day its me + two sprogs.

So what's hard/impossible when outnumbered.....

Swimming - some pools won't let you take 2x under 8s in a pool on your own (worse if you have 3+ kids as max is 2 in most pools). And even if you do get in having 2 non-swimmers in with you means you have to have eyes in the back of your head.

Bike riding - both my kids learning to ride and on stabilisers. We are on the top of a hill and have to travel to child friendly cycling points. So I either have to carry one (or more bikes), drive to the park or supervise 2 kids on pavements. Today that meant that 6 year old initially played up as 3 year old so much novice I had to steer his bike & push. So she deliberately falls off bike and cries) and gets ignored. Then she shoots off and whist watching her the little one goes over a drive way and tips bike over... Aargh. Such a relief when my mate made it down to park and we had one child to supervise each. Then both kids magically get the hang of bike riding..

There are more including getting house in order when both kids at home! They seem to come along behind mucking it all up ;-)


  1. I can so relate to this. My twinnies never get to go swimming, as with the 3 kids we need 3 adults and my parents live 50 miles away! Then poor old JJ only gets to ride his bike out ona Sunday whe both Mummy adn Daddy are home. Otherwise a double pushchair and someone learning to ride and just 1 mummy do not work!

  2. I have to admit to not even attempting anything like that on my own. Our weekends are taken up with running around with school, dance lessons, matches etc...leaves no time for anything else.It does seem unfair that swimming is virtually impossible though if you are alone. :0(

  3. Michelle guess the twins means that you are nearly always outnumbered, guess you have to alternate activities? It will get easier as they get older I suppose!

    Nova yours are that bit older so you have different pulls. Mine just starting clubs etc but I am keeping those for weekdays... though daughter wants to start Sunday rugby...


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