Friday 11 February 2011

Fitness Friday - Week 7

The weigh in at Rosemary Conley yesterday came up with the same weight as last week. With a week when I had very little control over my diet this was a pleasant surprise ...

On most days I was eating out either at family homes or in pubs! No idea on the calorie content or fat percentage of any food I ate. Only thing I could control was the portion size or how much I ate off the plate. Most meals also washed down with a glass of wine. Not exactly an ideal diet for weight loss.

My health seems to be back on track so I need to add exercise back in slowly. I have been on my feet a lot this week at social gatherings plus plenty of gentle strolls. On Tuesday I spent the day in high heeled boots and must have walked a couple of miles in them - on Wednesday my thighs really ached from the change of footwear. Once again I did the level 3 aerobics session at Rosemary Conley and it felt really good to get breathless and sweaty.

Plans for next week

Back on the Solo Slim with a vengeance as I haven't consumed the previous week's supply. Lots of vegetables and using the fruit for power snacks. As Lent starts on Wednesday I had considered another dry month like January but instead am going to attempt to ditch the caffeine and drink water instead.

I am charging up the Wii remotes so I can start putting the exercise back into my daily routine. As the urge to spring clean the house is coming over me hopefully I can make that as energetic as possible. My mum and my daughter are going to do the Race for Life for me and we need to start training as my daughter wants to run the 5km!!

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