Tuesday 8 September 2020

Upcycling Bedroom Furniture

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Most of my bedroom furniture is either preloved or just been around for a long time! I can't afford to replace any of it but it is in need of some tender loving care. There are too many signs that it has been attacked by children or just suffered from too many house moves. I kept seeing so many lovely projects done with chalk paint so I decided to buy a can of Rustins chalky finish paint and have go myself. It sat on the side for a few weeks and then I finally got brave enough to try it on on small drawer front:

I liked the fact the only prep needed was to make sure the surface was clean - no sanding! It only took 2 coats of paint to get the desired finish. I just made the mistake of not removing the handle first and giving it a single coat of paint:


Starting to chalk paint some furniture. What should I do with the handle? ##upcycle ##upcycledfurniture ##chalkpaint

♬ Lexi - Nik Makino

Having learnt my lesson I carried on with the rest of the drawers:

I have since moved the odd one out knob to the bottom drawer where it is less obvious! Having lived with the new look for a few days I decided I wanted to go further and jazz it up a bit (in for a penny in for a pound!). So I ordered some Mod Podge and printed off a copy of the Marauder's Map from Harry Potter:



My first attempt at Mod Podge to add a Harry Potter theme to my painted drawers ##modpodge ##harrypotter ##maraudersmap ##upcycle

♬ Harry Potter - Peter Seymour

I am now looking for more fictional maps for the other drawers! Thinking about Game of Thrones, Narnia and Lord of the Rings...

Buoyed on by the initial painting success I found another colour in Aldi and decided to rescue my bedside table. This was a cheap second hand purchase as it had an annoying ink stain on it. Two coats of chalk paint seem to have done the job:

So now I have 2 tins of chalk paint and I am wondering what I will paint next! It won't be my big Welsh dresser as I like the traditional pine look. Maybe my dining chairs... watch this space...

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