Monday 26 August 2019

Grasmere Sports 2019

Far too early on a hot and sunny Bank Holiday Sunday my son and I rocked up to Grasmere for this year's Grasmere Sports:

Grasmere Sports 2019

For the third year running I was responsible for registering the fell running which is a perfect job for me as I know plenty of the runners!

Grasmere Sports 2019 fell race registration

Due to the high temperatures my son spent quite a bit of time with me in the registration zone but he also went out to compete in the long leap:

Grasmere Sports 2019 long leap

He jumped quite a bit further than last year and against stiff competition this year finished 3rd:

Grasmere Sports 2019 medal

He also went and ran in the under 14s fell race with a respectable 6th place overall and 5th boy in a good field of runners.

Once I had finished the registration I went up on the fell side to capture the action in the senior guides race. This always attracts both top class fell runners and novices due to its iconic nature. I videoed them climbing to the first wall and then dashed over to get them crossing the hurdle:

Roll on Grasmere Sports 2020!


  1. I loved watching your FB feed and seeing all the photos appearing, it looks like the most amazing time and I'm so glad there is somewhere single parents can get together and enjoy a holiday. Mich x

  2. It was such a brilliant concept just over a decade ago

  3. I don't think I've ever seen such a perfectly roasted marshmellow. Glad you had such a great time. The beach does look idyllic. xxx


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