Saturday 20 July 2019

Reasons to be Cheerful: End of the school year #R2BC

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Gosh its the end of the school year already for us! So hopefully 6 weeks of things to keep us cheerful. But meanwhile here are just some of things that have made me cheerful this week:

1) Sedbergh Sports

It was a fabulous evening of traditional sports in aid of Sedbergh primary. My son was 2nd in his fell race and 3rd in the potato race. A smashing time (this was the egg toss):

2) Sorting out

The great purge and tidy before the central heating system is ripped out (this Monday!) has been coming on well. A couple of rooms are completely ready and others will be done by tomorrow. It's been a combination of dismantling furniture and organising things more efficiently that has helped. We now have all our board games away and easily accessible:

3) Family

My mum came over to babysit my son whilst I was out celebrating the end of year with my colleagues. This gave us a chance to get a 3 generation family selfie. Yes he is only 12 and I am 5ft 8.5!

4) A trimmed bush

The hedge was out of control so I borrowed my dad's hedge trimmers and gave it a short back and sides. Instant improvement on the garden:

5) End of term Roman banquet

I only went into my current assignment as a temporary measure for 2 weeks in October and I'm still there! During that time I've worked with a group of lovely ladies and yesterday we shared a "Roman" banquet with our students to celebrate a fabulous term together:

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  1. Enjoy the holidays! We also did a games purge and re-organize this week, so our games are also all in one place and looking neat and tidy. The photo of the three of you is lovely. You look great! I'm struggling to find what to write this week as we did almost nothing - just enjoyed being at home and hanging out. We're very cheerful about it but there's nothing much to say.

  2. Yay to all that clearing up and getting the new heating system, it will be a good start to the holiday to already have eveyrthing in order. Have a fab summer. Mich x

  3. Doing nothing is a reason enough to be cheerful!

  4. Not yet in order! A chance to start over in 2 bedrooms though


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