Saturday 10 July 2010

Situation Vacant

Job Title: Father Figure

Requirements (as per DD): Good looking, slim, rich, fun, have a dog

Applications: to DD as she will vet any potential new man in my life

Time frame: if DD had her way tomorrow, for me not until dust settled on divorce

So far she has offered me the potential of:

  • a recently separated dad from her school
  • "John the Plasterer" who's van we keep driving past
  • the security guard who offered to buy me a beer after I gave him some sun cream
  • Steve Backshall from Deadly 60 - she does sometimes have good taste ;-)

This could be a long drawn out process and hopefully once she has her Gramps in her life on a regular basis she may not be so desperate!


  1. She has great taste. Even I, a 37 year old dad, cannot resist the pull of Steve from Deadly 60! You go get him girl (but I might get there first!)

  2. A rewarding job that any man would be mad to pass up!
    nice post. x

  3. @Spencer I'll fight you for him!

    Thank you ladies x


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