Monday 6 April 2015

#CountryKids at Coombe Mill

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

We couldn't come to the county of Cornwall without visiting the home of Country Kids at Coombe Mill. Fiona invited us to join the feed run so we had a mad dash along country lanes to get there just about in time for the 9 AM start. We had to follow behind the trailer as it went across the river to the animal enclosures:

The first stop was to the birds and my daughter was lucky to find one of the fresh hen eggs that had been laid on the farm:

We used to have a few chickens ourselves so she loved being able to hand feed the ones on the farm:

Her brother and cousin weren't quite as keen on the birds (especially the large geese!) but they did love the wallabies. Meanwhile she managed to catch a chicken for a hug:

We were on the farm at a perfect time as there were plenty of baby animals for us to coo over:

My daughter was especially taken with Rocky who is being hand reared:

My son was keen to meet the donkeys but he he didn't fancy hand feeding them once we got up close:

I loved the tickly feeling of feeding the smaller animals:

He preferred to stay at a safe distance!

The herd of fallow deer were truly beautiful and the boys and I stood for quite a while watching them:

On the way back to the farm my children were very pleased to be allowed to drive the tractor as all the resident children had had a turn:

My son was quite surprised he actually had to steer!

My daughter was so taken with Rocky I am surprised she didn't try to sneak him into our car:

We finished our morning with the children helping Fiona make biscuits in her kitchen and having coffee with several other bloggers who were on site. Wonderful to have finally met up with Fiona and I just wish we could have stayed on the farm longer....

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