Tuesday 7 April 2015

#CountryKids at Tintagel Castle

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall
After our morning at Coombe Mill we headed to the coast to Tintagel Castle legendary birthplace of King Arthur. It has to be one of the most well hidden of English Heritage's portfolio but its worth the hike. However you need not to be afraid of heights and fairly fit to fully appreciate it, I would recommend going on a day when the wind wasn't as strong as we had:

The castle is now just ruins in two parts with the first perched high on the mainland and the second on an island on accessible via a bridge:

Once you have climbed the steep stone stairs, crossed the bridge and climbed some more stairs you can explore what remains of the castle:

You can also appreciate the stunning views:

There was a treasure hunt for the children which took us all over the ruins searching out chests and clues:

The heights had proved too much for some of my family so my daughter and I completed the hunt for everyone:

She was much more agile and a lot less cautious than me on the worn stones:

Her hard work paid off when she found the missing crown:

The boys were delighted with their prizes of gold coins:

I would love to go back on a calm, sunny day so that I had time to explore a lot more slowly!

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