Thursday 13 November 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful: Family Fun #R2BC

My teacher training course is getting really manic so I apologise for not visiting everyone on the hop so far! We have managed to have some fun despite my heavy workload though so here are this week's reasons to be cheerful for me:

1) Running our best 

My son and I ran our second Fell Foot Parkrun this weekend. Not quite sure how but he shaved 40 seconds off his PR for the course I was 46 seconds faster:

2) Birthday Fun

My children both had an amazing time celebrating their birthdays at Tree Top Nets. It was a real experience for all of us:

3) My kids

With life being manic I spent a lot of time just enjoying being a mum this weekend:

Please join us and share your happiness and grab the badge if you would like it:

Reasons to be Cheerful 


  1. Do you ever sit down?! haha. Lovely reasons x

  2. Looking for Blue Sky13 November 2014 at 18:54

    Lots and lots of running around! Love that your kids enjoy doing so many things with you xx

  3. Lovely energetic reasons, back tomorrow for a read of the other links :)

  4. trying to make up for being missing during the week ;-)


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